Our Story

Hi My Name is Anu.
I’m an Artist, a Self taught Soap maker and an Ayurveda Medical Student.
I come from a Traditional Ayurveda family laden with Ancient knowledge and Ayurveda practices passed on to my Parents by my Grandfather.

Swasti Ayurveda was inspired by my Father’s belief and trust in Traditional Ayurveda medicine practices where i now follow his footsteps in emphasising on the Knowledge he bestowed upon me.
The Name ‘Swasti’ implies something fortunate, lucky, or auspicious, and it denotes auspiciousness or well-being.
A word my father used to write before he started writing anything important.
The three beautiful Lotus Flowers in our Logo Represents Purity, Divinity and Beauty.
As they demonstrate a metaphysical soul purpose of transition into purity.
It’s the symbol of life and ever-renewing youth.

Swasti Ayurveda is a daughter Company of Wanamandawe Ayurveda, a renowned Ayurveda product Manufactory of Sri Lanka.
That originated in the 1960s.

So how did Swasti actually start?

When the first wave of Covid 19 Hit Sri Lanka in January 2020, the whole country went on lockdown.
And I finally found the opportunity to connect with myself, my family and the beautiful Nature .
I’ve been through a lot in life and i never really had the chance to sit, rest and take it all in to finally acknowledge my pain and heal myself from my repressed emotional wounds that i never knew existed and grow out from everything that kept me restricted.
I believe I finally awakened my true creative self expression. It was a year of Healing And Gratitude.

 I had no intention or dream of creating my own business and making a commitment to build it until June. I didn’t even know how to make cold process soap at the time.
I had tried it a few times with my brother back in 2019 but we failed successfully because we had no idea what we were doing and we gave up. In April 2020, i found some left over glycerin soap base and melted and mixed them with herbal powders i could find in the house. They turned out beautifully. But it wasn’t good enough for me.
As a habit, i loved watching satisfying soap making videos of professional soap makers like Katie Carson, Anne Marie and Elly on Youtube. I knew everything about soap making  except how to make an actual recipe and actually do it.
So i read and researched, watched a ton of videos and finally understood, and i realised it wasn’t that hard as I thought it to be. And once again, after many fails, lots of practice, a large dose of patience, and immense love & support from my loved ones,
I believe i finally mastered soap making and i went a little extra mile to combine my creativity and Ayurveda remedies to create Super luxurious, Artisanal and Full of Natural Organic Soaps with Value, Beauty and Love that my clients Deserve.

We’re still growing but building Swasti so far,
has been one of the greatest adventures I’ve experienced in my life and Swasti wouldn’t be here without the Tremendous Support and Encouragement from my Loving Mum, Brother and My 3 Best friends who have always had my back! ♥ #Blessed

Our Beauty Philosophy 

As an Ayurveda brand, we’re on a mission to provide our clients with the miracles of Nature’s best itself. Ayurveda is the Science of Life, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing methods. It’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. It is my belief that being Kind, Compassionate and Authentic to ourselves as well as others can nourish our mind while Empowering and Liberating our Spirit. A happy and healthy soul reflects on the outside, unveiling a natural glow on your body that truly radiates from within.

As a promoter of self love I have embarked on this remarkable journey to inspire people to embrace their true selves while elevating to the best versions of themselves. I do not promote beauty standards or the society’s norms on what beauty should or shouldn’t be. I implore you to love your skin and all the shades of colour feeling comfortable and beautiful in your own divine skin. I encourage you to embrace your uniqueness and power to unravel your confidence to live in your own skin.

I also believe that As Humans, we are deeply connected to Nature, the Trees, the Flowers, the Rivers.. we are all one symphony that creates a flow of the most beautiful music of life.. which is why i am committed to crafting completely Natural, environmental friendly and sustainable products that Repair, Rejuvenate and replenish our bodies from outside in. The Most plants and herbs come from my own Garden which is a Herbal jungle; another legacy left to me by my father. We buy our Supplies and Materials from Local Small businesses in our community to Support their Businesses as well.

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